Future Plans & Gift Aid

If you are a UK tax payer, we can claim 25p for every £1 that you give to the Church.  

The Church is able to claim the tax relief on donations made by tax payers. This is very helpful as it boosts the amount available to maintain the church. Simply sign one of the gift aid envelopes which can be found in the back of every chair or a gift aid form found on the table at the entrance to the church, and we will be able to claim the tax back from the Inland Revenue that you have already paid on your income.

We receive NO financial help from Church or State and the Diocese require an annual levy in the region of £70,000 for 2015.  We are unable to find this sum. In 2014, we were granted dispensation to pay £43,000.  This is still very difficult to raise in addition to maintaining and running the church.  We rely on the generosity of local people to support the Mission and Ministry of St Anselms.

In addition to this, we are hoping to raise enough funds to repair the leaky roof and for new glass doors at the main entrance.  A remarkable view is created from the West Door and the proposed glass doors should encourage more people to see what is going on in the Church as well as allowing disabled access.  The new doors should also cut the draughts and therefore the heating costs as well as make the entrance more welcoming and accessible. However, a recent architectural review has highlighted the need for urgent work to the roof, brick and stonework so funding is being sought for this as well.

For further details or if you would like to join our Stewardship Scheme for making regular donations throughout the year, please contact Jill Whitehead on 07714 200481.

Supplying and arranging flowers in the church is undertaken voluntarily by a small team of ladies.  If you are interested in joining them or helping towards the costs, please contact Sheila New or Jill Whitehead. Floral tributes in commemoration of a special event can be arranged.

Fund raising ideas are always welcome.  Broken and unwanted pieces of jewellery are being collected to be sold in aid of the Church. There is a Bring and Buy stall at the back of the Church after the Sunday Service and at other events.

Thank you for helping!
Last year, we raised £31,902 from regular subscriptions, bequests and donations.